Pink Explosion

As you can probably tell by now, I am slightly obsessed with Premme. They're just the only company right now that is releasing products I've never seen available in the plus-size market before. Plus they're one of the few companies that does carry my size because brands typically stop at the size right before mine. Which makes shopping an extremely annoying experience! My Premme obsession may be too real. Just yesterday I placed another order!

On my Instagram I have shown off these incredible pants a few times, but I have yet to show you them in their full glory! I have never ever EVER seen a plus-size pink glitter suit until now. When they came out with these, I absolutely had to get my hands on them. While I have never considered buying a suit before, this was the only suit I could ever see myself wearing so why pass up the opportunity.

I wear the Jay Glitter Wide Leg Pants alone more often than the Jay Glitter Blazer alone or both together. They're easy to pair with a comfy sweater or a basic tee. I struggled a bit with sizing at first. I have an extreme difference between my waist and hips so finding pants that fit both is very difficult. I first followed my waist measurement and tried a size 3. They fit great in the waist with minimal extra fabric but it showcased my tummy a little too much. The size 4 fit my hips better but is too large in the waist. Between taking in the waist a little and taking full advantage of the matching belt, I make the size 4 work for me. But they do sit at the perfect height on my waist and are a great length. I wear little kitten heels with them and the hem just brushes the ground. Although they are a tad noisy when walking because the textured fabric and thick thighs are not a great combo. 

I am currently struggling with finding a way to wear the blazer without it being too dressy. I want to experiment more by pairing it with jeans and maybe even culottes. If I like the combo, definitely expect an Instagram post. As far as fit, the blazer fits pretty darn well. I have wide shoulders and this didn't constrict me at all.

Overall this combo makes the best power suit ever. Whenever I wear it, I do get a few odd glances but mostly compliments. Confidence can take an outfit to a whole new level and this look isn't for the weak! Whether you wear the pieces alone or together, you're going to be making a powerful bold fashion statement. 


A Fat Girl’s Bible


Photographed by Liam Graham Haehnle

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