A Little Peek-A-Boo

I have always found myself in very feminine and colorful garments but lately I've started to experiment with different silhouettes and accessories. This of course doesn't mean I'm going to stop being my pinup colorful self, but it's always fun to go outside my comfort zone.

Something I've never really tried before is incorporating a nice pair of sneakers in my daily wear. I have never owned a pair of sneakers that weren't just workout shoes and seeing everyone use sneakers as a fashion statement has always intrigued me. Recently, I came across a pair of Adidas cloudfoam sneakers at Nordstrom Rack and after trying them, I fell in love! They are so unbelievably comfortable and easy to slip on. Even though they're men's sneakers, I think the allure of sneakers is that they're basically unisex. These have the simple perforated stripes instead of the typical bold white Adidas ones, which I think is a great first stepping stone for me, It challenges me to really try to incorporate a basic sneaker into my wardrobe instead of just riding the Adidas sneaker trend.

My biggest challenge was definitely trying to find an ensemble that went past the basic sneakers, jeans and t-shirt look. As a gal that typically prefers dresses, I wanted to challenge myself to find a look that I was comfortable in while still pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I figured that the Premme Amber Bodycon Dress is the perfect dress to pair with the sneakers because you can really dress it up or down. A pair of sleek heels with it allows for the perfect night out outfit but pairing sneakers with it created the perfect casual yet still seductive look. The thigh slit and twisted shoulder detail is any peek-a-boo lovers dream. It shows just the right amount of skin! 

I know that styling a look with a pair of sneakers is absolutely nothing new these days, and especially just a plain black pair of sneakers. But I'm proud of myself for stepping outside of my typical wardrobe box. I'm definitely hooked on sneakers now and want to try bolder styles soon because these basic sneakers were such a gateway drug haha!  Let me know if you think this combination worked! 


A Fat Girl’s Bible


Photographed by Liam Graham Haehnle

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