Swinging Into The Cold Weather

Savannah has decided that it wants to be super cold again. As a Floridian, I feel so confused and limited with my winter wardrobe. Luckily I’ve had this darling vintage skirt for awhile that feels just a little more appropriate for winter weather.

Before I started getting into the pinup style, my family stopped at a darling vintage store and that’s where I found this beauty. It makes me laugh how I was a cranky preteen getting out of the car and yet I found a piece there that I still wear to this day. This is actually one of the very few actual vintage pieces I own so it has a special place in my heart.

I love the pleated waistband that allows for a fuller skirt but without the unwanted poof in the waist that sometimes happens with a gathered full skirt. Although, the back pleats don’t leave room for my large bum so I just ignore the occasionally awkward wrinkles in the back. This skirt is just too cute to not love.

When I realized that I was moving somewhere with actual seasons, I knew that my summery wardrobe would leave me in the cold. I’m glad I had this skirt that provided for a great transitional piece. The fall color palette makes me feel just a little less out of place. Pairing it with this bright red sweater made me feel vibrant like I’m used to. Incorporating a piece that I’m not used to appreciating is so satisfying to my little fashion heart.


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