Georgia Charm

As I begin to explore more pinup brands, I always still find myself lusting over Trashy Diva clothes. They offer so many fun prints in various styles so everyone is bound to find something they love.

They released a dogwood print collection a little while ago and fell in love with every single piece offered. With 8 lovely silhouettes to choose from, it was such a hard decision for me to choose which one to order. I ended up settling on the Alexa Tie Top and the high-waist shorts. I fell for this set because I knew it was unlike anything in my closet and I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

And boy, oh boy, do these push me outside my comfort zone!! I’m a big believer in wearing something that makes you uncomfortable because eventually you will become comfortable in it. The main problem with the top is the lack of the height of fabric from my shoulders to the bottom waist part. I wish they added a few more inches for the plus-sizes simply because only making the width measurements larger just won’t due. The lack of fabric, makes it incredibly difficult to try to hide or bra or even to try to go without a bra. My ladies just want to pop out if I don’t tuck the already minimal fabric into my bra band. Plus my cute back fat is out on display and that’s a part I’m still learning to love about myself.

Regardless of this problem that maybe I just have, they really are wonderful! The vibrant rayon fabric is perfect for warm weather and long days. But beware the fabric does wrinkle very very easily. The shorts are so carefree that you can pair them with any kind of top and take on a long day out on the town. I was nervous about them not being flattering around my stomach, but surprisingly they are! So don’t be afraid to take the plunge on these. Take a plunge on any piece from Trashy Diva, they haven’t been anything less than wonderful!


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