This is a private label brand extension proposal for the size-inclusive luxury brand, 11 Honoré. They currently collaborate with designers to increase their product's size range, which is then exclusively sold on 11 Honoré's website. Their sizing is currently limited to sizes 10-20, with a few selections up to a size 24. The market sized 20+ is majorly untapped, but has huge potential to become a loyal customer base. This private label collection will give 11 Honoré the opportunity to test this market and assess its success rate. It consists of 8 trendy, high-end garments that are available in sizes 10-28 and will be mainly marketed towards Gen Z and young Millennials.

As this was my senior capstone project, I was responsible for the entire private label plan and all deliverables.

Photographer: Benjamin Pete

MUA/Hair: Becca Hopper

Models: Nikki G

Alexus Rackley

Damicia Shane

Wardrobe: Second Sight